A Video Game Helps an Athlete Tame his Anxiety

Joe Hanks is a world-ranked heavy weight boxer. Still, he knows what it’s like to feel anxious in the ring. Hanks is training his mind with a therapy called Neurofeedback.

Appeared in Mental Games May 28, 2013

USF Baseball Players Embrace Mental Training

Elite athletes are starting to embrace mental training. At the University of San Francisco, members of the baseball team train their minds daily.

Appeared in Mental Games May 28, 2013

Through Power Soccer, an athlete in a wheelchair takes home a gold medal

When Kendra Scalia-Carrow discovered the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program’s (BORP) Power Soccer group in 2006, she had no interest in joining the team. The 28-year-old, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, had never played a sport. But as soon as she kicked the ball, she was hooked.

Appeared in Oakland North June 21 2012

My Mission: Lauren Waters, Dog Walker

Lauren Waters has been walking dogs for 10 years in San Francisco. I spent a day with her as she took her “Mission crew” on their morning walk.

Appeared in Mission Local February 18, 2013

Child’s Play: Prop E

A video series produced to better explain the propositions on San Francisco’s November 2011 ballot.

Appeared in Mission Local October 20, 2011